Escape Game: “The Disappearance of Catherine”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Disappearance of Catherine”


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69 thoughts on “Escape Game: “The Disappearance of Catherine”: Walkthrough

  1. Charms

    Hi can anyone pls help.. wud lyk to know what the letters on the island r for. Really stuck! And where is the key to open the bathroom.

  2. Nat

    I got the key from the bathroom cabinet and opened the door, but I got a bad ending. Is there any way to get a good ending?

  3. dark cloud

    This was one of the few Escape games that’s been out for a couple of years where I didn’t have any luck finding a complete walkthrough or video. Hopefully this will be clear and I hope I didn’t make any errors. And this is my first post on this web site!

    Turn left and look at the message in the trash can: “Desk = Cat x Plant”. Look at the cat statue on the desk next to the couch and note the 54 at the bottom. Go to the plant next to the piano and zoom in on the orange pot to see 36. So the code for the desk = 54 x 36 = 1944. Go to the right drawer of the green computer desk and use 1944 to open it and grab the blue eye.

    Lift up the orange pillow on the couch and look at the note. Count the number of each colored symbol: Red = 2, Yellow = 2, Blue = 3, Green = 5. Go to the green/red/green desk and click on the left side and use this code (2235) to open it and get a key. Go to the piano and use this key to open it and get the bottom half of a note. Go to the book case and zoom in on the 2nd shelf from the top on the right side and open the pink book to get the top half of the note then combine the top and bottom halves of the note.

    Go to the jewelry box on the left side of the desk next to the couch and click on the top of the box. Arrange the top 4 symbols so they match the same order under the red arrow in the note. Then arrange the bottom 4 symbols so they match the order above the blue arrow in the note. Open the jewelry box and grab the red eye.

    Go back to the room with the couch and click on the two books on the table. When you open the book it says that the cat’s right eye is red and the left eye is blue. Go to the cat statue on the desk next to the couch and put the red eye in the cat’s right eye and the blue eye in the cat’s left eye. Whiskers (or wires) will appear on the cat statue so grab one. Go to the room with the piano and click on the brown cabinet on the right side. Zoom in on the hole on the top right side and use the whisker to open it. Click on the red boots and grab the hammer that appears.

    Zoom in behind the plant next to the piano and use the hammer to get the nail. Go to the kitchen, click on the refrigerator then click on the gap between the refrigerator and the sink. Use the hammer to get the battery.

    Attach the whisker (or wire) to the nail and tap again to turn it into a spring. Go to the digital calendar on the left side of the green desk and open the lid at the bottom. Insert the spring and then the battery. Note the date: 10/28. Zoom in on the brown box under the desk. The lock says “week” so add one week to 10/28 to get 11/04. So the code to open the lock is 1104. Open the box and grab the binoculars.

    Click on the orange windows behind the couch and use the binoculars to view the island. Note the letters on the island: CEGEC. Go to the book case and click on the middle of the left side. Open the green book and note the piano keys that correspond to letters. Go to the piano and zoom in on the keyboard. Tap the CEGEC keys in the order like the note shows. A message will say that the pc is booting up.

    Go to the computer on the green desk and tap the screen until you see two cats. Click on the paw icon in the upper left and note the playing card suits at the bottom: club, club, heart, spade, heart, diamond, diamond. The cat breeds and numbers in this file don’t appear to be used for anything. Go to the painting behind the piano and see the card suits in the corners. Click on the suits in the same order as was shown in the note on the computer. When the painting opens grab the key.

    Go to the bathroom door on the left of the book case and use the key to open it. Go inside and grab the pliers on the floor. Go to the kitchen and zoom in on the cupboards above the refrigerator and use the pliers to cut the wire. Open the cupboards and grab the fishing line.

    Open up the nail then use the pliers to bend it into a hook then attach the fishing line. Go to the aquarium next to the cat statue and zoom in on the hole at the top. Use the hook to get the key. Use the key to open the refrigerator and grab the can of cat food. Go to the small cat door to the left of the kitchen and raise the wooden board. Take off the lid from the cat food can and put the can on the floor. Back up and go around the room and come back to the cat door. When you return you’ll see Catherine the cat eating the food.

    Zoom in the yellow note on Catherine’s collar. It says: 6, 4 & 7, 3, 3, 0, 0, 0, ?, ?, ?, ?, 8. These are positions of the letter “R” in each month of the year. R is the 6th letter of January and the 4th and 7th letter of February, etc. The four missing months are August (0), September (9th letter), October (7th letter), and November (8th letter).

    Go back to the bathroom and click on the lock on the cabinet. Enter the numbers you found above (0978) to open the lock. Open the drawer and grab the key. Go back to where the cat door is.

    For the bad ending use the key to open the door with the blue glass and escape. For the good ending, close the cat door with the wooden board before you go out the door.


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