Forever Lost: Episode 1: Walkthrough

Forever Lost: Episode 1
By: Glitch Games



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You can watch my complete walkthrough video for the full game here, or use the step-by-step text/photo walkthrough below:



Chapter 1:

1. Look inside the box and solve the tile puzzle to get a camera:



2. Tap on the desk on the it side of the room and pick up the key.


3. Use the key to open the door to the left and enter the bathroom.




4. Take the screwdriver. Leave the bathroom and use the screwdriver to open the vent. Take the knife.



5. Use the knife to slash open the mattress and get another key.


6. Use the key on the door to the right and go through it.



7. Take the right path and then tap on the door to the right that says “Staff Only”. Scan your thumbprint and the door will open (are you hospital staff??).

8. Tap the desk lamp so it highlights a key. Take the key. Then turn the lamp to face the room.

9. Zoom out and you can see the rest of the room now. Turn on the computer and look through the files. You need a keyboard.

10. Exit the computer and open the file cabinet with the key you found. Look through the files.

11. Look at the poster on the wall.


12. Leave that room and enter the Nursery. Pick up the two cards from the table and read through the book.

13. Leave that room and enter the Waiting Room. Look at the picture of the radio and take a photo of it. Then pick up the iPad on the table and play the game (looks like Zelda?). Go into the house and pick up the key.

14. Leave the house and pick up the lantern. Follow the path to the trees and then find lantern oil. walk around and find a red person. Talk to him.

15. Then go back to the first screen and use the lantern to enter the cave. Follow the arrows until you find a chest and use the key to open it and get a puzzle piece.

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193 thoughts on “Forever Lost: Episode 1: Walkthrough

  1. Sandra79

    I play this game on my computer macbook. So it isn’t possible to turn te keys at the same time. So I can’t play any further…??

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      They probably changed the multitouch puzzles for Mac/PC. But I don’t have those versions, so I can’t help you. Might want to reach out to the devs.

    1. Amy

      Go near reception and make a right then you will see a door click on it and then will say insert token. Go to you inventory, click on your token and then click the token, Then insert the token into the insert token bit of the door! To make sure it is correct door… After you turn right tap on the left side of wall and there will be a marking in red!)-this is all before the inserting of the token!
      Hope this helps! (;

  2. TC

    “Turn both keys @ same time after setting both clocks to same time” Well, I am on iPad and the ‘fix’ isn’t working…. anyone!? ⚡️

  3. Bentley

    I can’t do anything I looked everywhere I’ve got these .the dog,star and ball signs a banana,glasses,a photo a UV torch and a lantern and etching pencil HELP PLS

  4. Michael Perry

    Hint 34 refers to the poster in the office for a glitch search. I have not seen the response to this question that has been posted by 2 other players. Yes, I feel like a idiot but I have tried everything I can think of. Will someone please tell me what the search answer is?

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  6. Jake

    I guessed correctly and took the elevator up. Where does “down” take me? I don’t want to play again from scratch to find out.

    1. Kara

      Nothing happens when you hit the down button. It’s only there so you can go back down again after you go up. I would like to know what the point of the banana and other cards was.

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  8. linda

    I’m just getting to this game and can’t find the Star Puzzle Piece for the nursery – I hope you can help me as I can’t find it in your w/t either. (I have the Circle, Square & Triangle)

    1. linda

      Ok, found the “Hints” and didn’t know I had to go back into the ‘game’ and into the cave. *sigh* Bigger game than I thought!

        1. linda

          I am – but it seems I must go into the game yet again. I’m confused about what to do with one of the hints – if I can’t figure it out, I’ll be back, lol. Thanks!

  9. Marisa

    I’ve completed the series and finished Forever Lost 1 twice now and I still have the ball card, the banana, the star and the painting. What was I suppose to do with those in the first game?

  10. Tony

    “Match it to the painting from earlier”: What painting – I think I saw it earlier but I have no photo. There is a painting in my briefcase, but when I select it doesn’t show me anything just says “it’s a painting”
    Cannot get passed this lock


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