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Cryptic Cosmos: Walkthrough

Cryptic Cosmos By: 3D Methods Walkthrough: Chapter 1: 1. Enter the damaged ship and take the Blank Disk from the command station. 2. Leave the ship and open the octagonal door. Go through. Keep going until there's a path to the left. Take it. Look at the green screens to get the "core configuration." 3. Using the diagram, go to the machine to the left and copy the sequence: 4. Now tap on the machine to the right and match it to the colors from the last one: 5. Read more [...]

Maniac Manors: Walkthrough

Maniac Manors: Jacobson's Unfaith By: Cezure Production Walkthrough: 1. First get used to the controls. The left knob moves your feet while the right knob moves your eyes. Together they allow you to move fairly well once you get used to it. Turn around and find the truck with its lights on. There's a suitcase nearby. Open it and take the Nine of Tentacles. We need to find a way into the mansion. 2. Behind the truck, look on top of one of the crates to find a wrench. 3. There's a gate Read more [...]