Maniac Manors: Walkthrough

Maniac Manors: Jacobson’s Unfaith
By: Cezure Production




1. First get used to the controls. The left knob moves your feet while the right knob moves your eyes. Together they allow you to move fairly well once you get used to it. Turn around and find the truck with its lights on. There’s a suitcase nearby. Open it and take the Nine of Tentacles. We need to find a way into the mansion.





2. Behind the truck, look on top of one of the crates to find a wrench.



3. There’s a gate near the truck with a chain keeping it locked. Use the wrench to open the chain and enter through the gate.






4. There’s a paint can resting on a barrel. You need something to open it. Turn around and you’ll see two graves. The left one has a screwdriver sticking out of it. Take it and use it to open the can of paint and get a blue key.







5. Use the blue key to unlock the shed door and go inside. Take the hammer.




6. Go to the manor’s porch and use the hammer to break the pot of soil. Take the key from it and use it to unlock the front door.







7. Go up the stairs and read Jacobson’s diary on the table.

8. Go back downstairs and you’ll hear a noise. Someone’s inside! Open the door to your right.


9. Take the vinegar from the counter.


10. Uh oh! Someone just locked the door behind you! Pick up the sponge, knife and sauce pan by the kitchen sink.

11. Pick up a log from the floor near the oven.

12. There’s a puzzle on the wall but it’s too greasy. Pour the vinegar on it, then use the sponge to clean it. Now you can solve it and get a key.






13. The key you just found opens this door:



14. Pick up the Three of Tentacles from the floor.


15. Take the salt from the table. Then remove the chair from the other door. Look under the chair for an envelope that contains another key and a journal entry.


16. Leave the room and you hear some yelling from the door across the hall. Use the key you just found to unlock the door and enter the room. Pick up the Five of Tentacles.


17. Approach the door on the right. The screaming is coming from there and it stops. There’s no door on the handle so you can’t open it. And the other door in the room is too hot to touch.

18. Leave the room and go up the stairs. Use the same key to open the door to the right. Take the Six of Tentacles card from the table.

19. Pick up the door handle from the plate on the dresser.


20. Pick up the green gem from the floor by the Cthulhu sculpture.


21. Open the door right across the one that you entered through and enter the bedroom. Take the flask.

22. Use the screwdriver to open the box on the night table and take the star-shaped jewel.



23. Go back downstairs to the door without the handle and use the handle you found to open the door. Take the pills. Take the bottle of acid. Take the three surgical instrument from near the bloody operating table. Take the God of Tentacles card.

24. Head towards the medical cabinet and the door locks behind you again.

25. Use the three tools one by one on the other locked door in the room. They’ll all break, but the door will unlock. Enter and you’ll see a bloody body.


26. Touch the man tied up. He’ll talk and then pass out. He’s dead. But you find a key on his body. Read the journal entry on the desk. Take the bottle of analgesics. Take the Joke of Tentacles card from the blackboard.

27. Go to the upstair’s corridor and use that key on the bottom left door to enter the kid’s (Elias) room.

28. Read the journal entry on the bed. Then pour acid on the suitcase to break the plastic seal. Pick up the Strange Stone from inside.

29. Open the bedside table and take another Strange Stone.

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30. Before you leave the room, close the door and look at the horse drawing behind the door. Leave the room and pick up the Seven of Tentacles.


31. When you go out into the hallway, Jacobson is there, trapped by a seal. Go to the dining room and solve the horse head puzzle. Then take the stone and envelope with a key inside it.


32. Go to the dining room and use the knife on the tentacles painting to get another envelope with a key inside it.




33. There’s a box in the dining room that has a star cutout on it. Place the star-shaped jewel on it and get the third Strange Stone.




34. Go upstairs to the parents room. Use the key you just found to open the chest to the left of the bed. Take the blood samples from inside.

35. Notice the drawings on the headboard of the bed. They mean 1452. That’s the code for the safe in the laboratory.

36. Go back to the Cthulhu statue and place both green stones in the eye sockets to unlock the door next to the statue.


37. Go to the lab and use the code 1452 on the safe. Take the awl from inside. Also use the blood sample guide to get the right blood sample.





38. Go back to the door by the Cthulhu statue and use the awl to open the globe. Take the envelope and the counter spell book. Drink the scotch for more energy, but don’t take the meds on the desk! Also pick up the Queen of Tentacles from the floor.

39. Go downstairs to the right side of the staircase and find the door with the magic seal on it. Use the Counter Spell on the seal to open the door and head down to the cellar.

40. Find the shovel and the bucket. Pick up the Cavalry of Tentacles from the wine case.


41. Take the metal bar from the cellar doors and use it to complete the pipes. Then solve the puzzle to get the gas going.





42. If you don’t have the matches yet, go back to the kitchen and find them. Then use them on the cooker to start a fire. Now to make the potion. You need spring water, salt, sulfur, a foetus, virgin blood, and amiandre root.



43. Put the saucepan on the stove. Then head outside through the cellar doors and use the bucket with the well. Tie the bucket to the rope. Then attach the handle to the well mechanism and get some spring water.

44. Go back to the cellar and add the spring water to the saucepan.



45. Go to the dining room and enter the balcony. Use the shovel on the nest to get an egg (foetus) and the knife on the plant and shovel on the dirt to get the Amiandre Root.



46. Go back to the cellar and add the salt, matches (sulfur), egg (fetus) and root to the saucepan. Then use the flask to carry the potion.



47. Throw the potion at Jacobson, then search his body for a box. Take the box to the cellar and throw it into the fire. Use the shovel to get the last Strange Stone from the fire.

48. Place all four hexagonal stones in the correct slots in the cellar to open a secret door. Thence your way to the end of the tunnel to see the ending.





Congratulations! You’ve beaten the game!

There are still some things to find in the game if you want to restart. I was missing a couple of cards, so I may go back and find them. I’ve given the locations for the 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, Joke, Queen, God and Cavalry of Tentacles. Feel free to share your locations for the missing cards in the comments section.

**Update: Thanks to green user and David Smiley, here are the rest of the card locations:

“Locations where to find cards of tentacles:
one of tentacle:
Upstairs to the left.
two of tentacles:
in kitchen
three of tentacles:
in dining room
four of tentacles:
in balcony
five of tentacles:
in the hallway near surgery room
six of tentacles:
upstairs right door in hallway near bedroom
seven of tentacles:
upstairs right door in hallway near Elia’s room
eight of tentacles:
in Elia’s room
nine of tentacles:
in Gavin’s suitcase
ten of tentacles:
downstairs near cellar
joke of tentacles:
near dead man on blackboard
cavalry of tentacles:
in cellar
qeen of tentacles:
in library near bookshelf
king of tentacles:
in bedroom in nightable near window
god of tentacles:
in surgery room”

“The 1 of Tentacles. It is located upstairs to the LEFT (with the locked door that you do not enter). Once you get this card, and you finish the “Tentacle Card” collection in the Kitchen, there is another puzzle that must be solved consisting of a (mostly) square wood block that needs to be navigated amongst other blocks to fit the square to the right hand side (once you see it, you will understand). When you finish this puzzle, a panel will open below the puzzle and the key to the treasure (in the trunk in the basement) is inside. Pick up this key and go to the basement and open the treasure chest. A bottle of scotch is inside as well, if you need it.

**Note: Thanks to Simon, I added a photo of the Tentacle puzzle below.


The remaining achievements are to collect all of the pages (“Page Collector” in the awards), to be the Savior (save Eliot) and to be of “Strong Mind.”

According to Simon:

“If you finish the game in a time of 45 minutes and with a mental health of 85 or more you can save Eliot. The only thing that changes is the sequence of the last part.”

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87 thoughts on “Maniac Manors: Walkthrough

  1. James albert

    I got a problem. At the starting he is not picking up that wrench saying that he don’t want that. ………………………… Please help I am stuck

    1. Jessica

      Are you playing Gavin’s story? This is the walk through for the full game. If your playing Gavin’s story just walk to the front door and use the key. If it’s the full game then i think your glitched somehow.

  2. simon

    Hi everyone, i just finished maniac manors, gavin story and maniac manors jacobsons unfaith.
    There are a few things that i cant find, for example the cards 1 and 4, can you tell me where are they? the 4 is in the balcony, but in what part of the balcony exactly??? i collected all the pages of the game but there are any puzzle for that???? and how can i be easily strong of mind and how i can save elias??? where is the treasure of jacobson??

  3. Harvey

    At the start I walked straight in the front door and into the kitchen then heard a sound and it was a creepy old man zombie guy so I followed him down a hallway and got locked in and I’m in a room with heaps of art :/

    1. simon

      YES, that you have to do is to close the door of the painting room and u will find a key, use this key to open the room next to the silver thing, it is a bathroom (very dirty ;/), then, open the wc and u will find a screwdriver, then touch the broken mirror and behind that there will be lot of bath stuf, take the teeth brusher and with that clean the wood box, you have to put numbers refering to the paintings.
      circles=3 (not 8)

    1. simon

      I found all the pages, the problem is that you have play WITHOUT PAUSE!!! ’cause when u pause the game, some pages will miss, and you have to search that pages again, 4 example, the page of the parents room. Its a f*****ng glitch that makes me angry :@

    2. simon

      I found all the pages, the problem is that you have to play WITHOUT PAUSE!!! ’cause when u pause the game, some pages will miss, and you have to search that pages again, 4 example, the page of the parents room. Its a f*****ng glitch that makes me angry :@

  4. Simon

    Thank you Appunwrapper 4 updating it with the image i sent u

    P.D.: THATS NOT MY ROOM!!! XD, it is my sister’s room, i had to take care of her 🙁

    Can someone figure out how can i save eliot?


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