Dr. Stanley’s House 3: Walkthrough

Dr. Stanley’s House 3
By: James Li


This will be a walkthrough for Dr. Stanley’s House 3. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough’s complete.


I chose “easy” difficulty level, so that’s what this walkthrough will be based off of. The items you get in the beginning are different, and you get more space in your inventory, so you can carry more items.

1. Turn right and drag the ball to your inventory.


2. Go left and open the right door. Pick up the purple Natural Omega Crystal and look out the window to get a cutscene.


3. Before you leave, open the right white object on the wall and find two items. One can be combined with the omega crystal to make a small power source.


4. Go back and head all the way to the right and through the right door. Head all the way right again and tap on the mechanical arm. Robbie gets a memory.

5. Place the power source under the robotic arms station and power it up. Now, once you have a new arm for Robbie, the machine can attach it.


6. Open the door here to access the cargo bay, which works as a storage space. You can open the chest and swap out items. Pick up the Light Base and Pawn from the chest.


I may just make a video walkthrough for the rest of this, because it’s getting a bit crazy with all the running back and forth and stashing items all over the place. You can see the first part of my video walkthrough here:

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72 thoughts on “Dr. Stanley’s House 3: Walkthrough

  1. Nikki

    Can someone tell me how to redirect the ship? I can’t do anything while I’m going towards the nebular thing.

  2. Nikki

    I have been stuck for days! Next to the lab i the electrical circuit diagram is in that container, and It says I need an electrical arm to get it. I’m wearing the arm, and it still won’t open. What am I missing here? Please help!

    1. Aylea

      Well, just a thought. Make sure you are actually wearing the arm, not just carrying it. It must be installed by the arm installer in order to actually be wearing it.

      1. Aylea

        Oh! And if you are wearing the arm, just click and drag the circuit diagram to your inventory. I don’t think the case actually opens.


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