Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 3:

1. Pick up the police tape, cotton swabs, batteries, yellow paper, tape measure, batteries, and evidence kit. Also, open the cabinet to find a gun (it needs ammo) and look at the two posters on the wall.




You can also watch my video for Chapter 3 here:

2. Place the yellow piece of paper over the Radio Codes poster to see the numbers 9578. Enter those numbers to unlock the lower cabinet. Take the ammo clip and use it with the gun. Take the gun.




3. Place the batteries in the police radio to get five numbers from it — 35818. Use those numbers to unlock the cabinet above the radio and take the badge.




4. Open the police kit. Add the gun, badge, tape measure, police tape, cotton swabs, and evidence container to the mix. Place all the items in their correct spots. Only three items should be left after.


5. Now the file cabinet opens. But it’s the wrong file. You need to organize them. Use the poster with the colored districts to help you. The numbers tell you the order the colors should go in. It goes red, turquoise, orange, yellow, pink. Make sure the numbers for each color go in ascending order.


6. Now you have to solve another puzzle. You need to set a path for Kate to the Holding Cells without being seen by the patrolling guard. Once you have the right sequence, tap on her profile to have her walk to the cells.


7. Enter the jail with the holding cells. Talk to Romeo, Caesar’s brother. Place the case file by the third question, “Why was Caesar murdered?”


8. Look around the room for two clues. Then put them together to get a clue to unlock the cell next to Romeo’s. The guy’s passed out, so let’s move on for now.





9. Head to the Forensics lab. Open up the body bag and all cabinets and drawers that will open. Take the fire extinguisher, cotton swabs, thermometer, smelling salts, and bloody letter opener. Look at the poster on how to revive someone who’s passed out. Also, look at the note on the wall and notice the PC is password-protected. The note on the wall tells you:

Time of Death = (Tn – Td)/r
Tn = Normal temperature = 98.6°F
Td = Dead temperature
r = Rate of temperature loss = 1.4°F per hour





10. Use the thermometer on the body and then read the temperature. It should say 79°F.


11. Use the cotton swab with the body to get some of Caesar’s blood. Then place the cotton swab and bloody letter opener in the DNA analyzer. Time for another puzzle! You need to find the pattern in the DNA pairs so you can complete the sequence. For instance, notice that A always matches with T, and C always matches with G. You can use the screenshot below. Just place the last remaining pair in the empty slot. And it turns out to be a match! Take the Murder Weapon Report from the printer.




12. Now back to the PC. It’s like that Mastermind board game. I’m not sure if you’ve played it. But you basically guess four letters and it tells you how many are right, but not which ones. The question mark tells you how many letters are right but in the wrong place. You have ten tries to get to the right password. I somehow got it pretty quickly as ADFC. But it appears to be different for each game, so I think you’re on your own here.


13. Go onto the PC and enter 79 for the dead temperature and 1.4 for the rate of temperature loss. The computer will tell you he died 14 hours ago, or 9PM yesterday. Take the Time of Death Report from the printer. And use the fire extinguisher to break the piggy bank and get a coin. And last, use the bath salts with the water sprayer to add some water to them.



14. Go back to the cells. Talk to Romeo again and show him the Time of Death Report and Murder Weapon Report. He’ll now trust you more.


15. Give the activated smelling salts to the passed out prisoner so he’ll wake up. But he won’t talk yet. He asks for chocolate. Go to the vending machine and insert the coin. All the chocolate slots have the numbers erased, so we have to figure out what they would say. The easiest is A4, because the ones before it are A1, A2 and A3. So press A4 and ENTER to get a chocolate bar. Give it to the prisoner. He wants more!



16. Go back to the vending machine. The next chocolate is B8 ( 2, 4, 8, 16 is the pattern). Give it to the guy. He still wants more!


17. This next one is trickier. From left to right, you get C5 + 5 = 10, 10 + 10 = 20, so then 20 + 15 = 35. So press C35 to get the third chocolate bar. He still wants more!


18. The D row is the trickiest. It goes D38, D25, D21. The pattern is that each one is the sum of the ABC above it. So 1+2+35 = 38. 2+4+20=26. 3+8+10=21. And last, 4+16+5=25. So the answer is D25 to get the last chocolate bar. Give it to Lansky and he and Romeo will start talking. That’s the end of the chapter!


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81 thoughts on “Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Jenna

    Help! I’m having trouble selecting the difference in the Lansky letters. Should i circle the difference? Cos it keeps underlined the whole word. E.g; Caesar instead of C

  2. Bobby

    Password for Caesar’s room doesn’t work. I also counted it as such 3, 4, 8, 5. I don’t see where you can count more than 4 triangles on the second picture, and 9 on the last picture. Even with that password, it doesn’t work. I’ve done everything else too. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Loretta C Harbertson

      Same problem with Caesar’s box. Pieces all in the right places. Have tried several times but the game hangs up at this spot.

  3. Siegrun Luegmayer

    absoutely stuck in the puzzle of caesar´s box. yes, i did restart and yes, i did the puzzle several times. and of course i had every piece in the right place. simply nothing happens then …

    can anyone help me???

  4. Kayden

    On the password for the computer I typed in—
    And it worked. Just a helpful hint I hope!


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