Hidden my game by mom: Walkthrough Guide

Day 16: The game is under his hat!


Day 17: Open the fridge and get the fruits and veggies. Place one on the floor and the giraffe will bend down to eat it. Grab your game from the top of its head!



Day 18: Ok this one is tricky. You need to pay attention to where the crane is. Wait until it’s on the left and open the right door. Quickly break all the vases and close the door again before the crane comes back. Then open the left door and break all the vases (but not the one with the snake in it!) until you find your game.



Day 19: Turn right and turn off the light. Then go left again and look for the glow from under the closet. That’s your game! Grab it!



Day 20: Turn right and open the window. Then go left again and find the golf ball in the left patch of grass. Place it on the tee and the golfer will hit it out the window and you can get your game.





Day 21: Go right and lift up the right couch cushion to get a CD. Go left again and insert the CD into the boom box. The girl will start dancing. When she moves out of the way, open the desk drawer and grab the game. But make sure to do it before mom comes because of the noise!




Day 22: This one’s sneaky! The game is in the ad banner space!


Day 23: Open the drawer and get the stud finder from the girl. Turn right and use the stud finder on the wall until it flashes green. Tap that area to find your game.




Day 24: Open the freezer and take the pizza. Microwave it and then go right and feed it to the carving in the wall. Then stick your hand in his mouth to get the game.





Day 25: Find the three differences between the left and right scene and tap them on the right scene to get your game. The differences are the radio, the lamp, and mom’s feet.


Day 26: Go right. Open the drawer to get the gray dart. You can also get the blue and pink if you want, but they’re not needed. Use the gray dart on the base with the snake in it to get the yellow dart. Go left and use the dart on the spinning dart board to get your game.




Day 27: Go right and grab the left couch cushion. Then go left again and place the cushion over the pot that’s on fire. Mom will run to the kitchen. Now you can lift the right cushion and get the game.




Day 28: Go right. Pick up the stick and get the salmon balls from the lamp, the drawer, and the vase. Go back left add the three balls to the bowl of rice. Then get the two salmon balls from the fridge and freezer. Use the stick to get one from under the couch. And the last one is hidden in the menu! Add the rest to the bowl and a salmon will appear and drop the game for you.





Day 29: Go right and get the baseball from the drawer. Take the baseball bat from the baseball player. Go left and put the bat under the doorknob to hold it closed. Use the ball to pop the balloon and get your game.




Day 30 – 1000: Take the bat and open the door to get the good ending!




Now play Hidden my game by mom 2!

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