Agent A: Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape: Walkthrough Guide

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise
By: Yak & Co.


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape, of the iOS and Android adventure game, Agent A, by Yak & Co. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape:

You can watch my video for the whole chapter here or continue reading for my step-by-step guide:

1. Zoom in on the boxes. Empty the big one of shoes until you find the cabinet key.


2. Open the right box and find the blueprint piece.


3. Use the key to open the cabinet and get the screwdriver.


4. Place the blueprint piece with the rest of the blueprint. We have a lot of pieces to collect!


5. Use the screwdriver to open the vent and crawl through.


6. After the cutscene, take a right. Then break through the vent in your way and continue on.



7. Pick up the cheesy baguette.


8. Open the left planter by the door to reveal a red button. Press it. Then, pull the lever down.


9. Grab the blueprint piece.


10. Go back to the first room. Give the cheese sandwich to Trevor the mouse and he’ll give you a key.



11. Break down the wall above Trevor to reveal a toolkit. Use the key to open it and get the hacking software CD.



12. Add the blueprint piece to the rest and make a note of the numbers revealed. It appears to be different each time, so you’re going to have to write down your own! You can also pause the game and open up the digital notebook to copy it down.


13. Head back through the vent to the other room. Zoom in on the yellow screen with the 1 on it. Insert the hacking software. Type in your code and press ENTER. It will give you security clearance level 1, unlocking one door. Don’t forget to take the hacking software with you.



14. Press the green button near the door and go through.


15. It might seem like there’s nothing to do in here, but there’s actually a hidden door. You need to tap these five bricks in this order to reveal it. Go through.



16. Head down the right path. Grab the blueprint piece from the tree and notice the screen to unlock clearance level 4 in the box nearby.



17. Go back and notice the blueprint piece stuck in a vent. We’ll come back for it later. Take the path straight ahead.


18. Head towards the communication tower and around the front of the fence to a small locked red box. Take the blueprint piece from the top of it and go back to the blueprint.


19. Place the two pieces with the rest and get the code for security clearance level 2.


20. Go back outside near the fence. To the left is a wooden structure. Open the left door to reveal the level 2 screen. Insert the hacking software disc and enter the passcode. Three new doors will unlock! Don’t forget to take the disc back.




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59 thoughts on “Agent A: Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape: Walkthrough Guide

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I finished the game but a lot of games are releasing this week so I’m working on several walkthroughs at once. If you tell me where you’re stuck, I can help.

  1. Tim

    Can you tell me how I continue on the part where the door I opened with code 3 is jammed? I can’t seem to find anything

          1. Reb

            My phone doesn’t show a red dot when I click on it. All the dots are gray/black so I can even click on the speakerphone button.

              1. Reb

                When you see a scene there are all these dots showing you what is clickable. And one is highlighted in red which shows what you are currently on. Well when I click on the phone. All the keys on the phone have those black dots to show me what is clickable but none of them are highlighted red so that I can move around and choose one. I click and click but nothing happens. No red dot.

  2. Tim

    I still can’t seem to get any further, the door I opened with code 3 is still jammed and I can’t find that account number

  3. Thomas

    Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but I can’t fill the bucket up at the shower, as the water is turned off.

  4. Sarah

    Where do I get the code for the phone to order the USB? I have the account number but don’t know the number I have to dial?

  5. Tim

    I was able to fill the bucket using the river / stream that is in Rubys office that you extend the bridge over. No need to use the shower or turn the water back on. You just click on the bucket and then the stream and it fills it up.

  6. glitternova

    Hi! Where can I find the other two keys (hearts and spades) for the little box and the last level 5 blueprint piece? Or is level five going to be activated when chapter 5 is available? Thanks for your help!

  7. Mark

    I seem to be stuck on trying to fill the bucket up, it keeps telling me the water is off. How do I turn the water on?! I cant seem to find it anywhere! Please help!

  8. Lydia

    Hello im at the end of the game but its telling me that the satilite is offline ive fixed it with the tape on the tower and the usb stick is in
    Im not sure what to do
    Any ideas


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