Agent A: Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape: Walkthrough Guide

41. Open the gate and go up the ladder. Open the red box and take the gas hose and swipe card (card key).



42. On your way up, connect the two cables on the left that got disconnected.



43 If you continue up, the satellite dish is broken, so we’ll have to come back to that. Go back down.

44. Head to the wooden box again. Use the key card to open the second door. You can’t do anything else yet, though. You need the USB stick first. So let’s go back.


45. Add the two new blueprint pieces to the rest to get the passcode for security clearance level 4.


46. Go back outside and take a right again. Watch the cutscene and then use the hacking software and passcode to unlock two more doors. Take the disc back.




47. Go back to the elevator to floor -1. Unlock the door with the green 4 on it to get into Ruby’s hideout.


48. Open the smaller rock and press the red button. Go up the stairs.



49. Press the three buttons on the desk and enter tap “Forgot password.” The hint is “Kitty cat’s name.” We know that! Silly Ruby. The password is ONYX, so enter that and read the top email to uncover some new information! Watch the cutscene.




50. You need a USB drive to download the info, so let’s come back to that later.

51. Go back and over the bridge to the left of the rocks. Pull one of the pokers near the fireplace to turn the fire around and reveal a box. Take the lighter and diamonds key from inside.




52. Leave the hideout for now. Get back in the elevator to floor 0. Head back to the room when you originally found the jetpack and unlock the other door with a 4 on it. It’s the screen for level 5 security clearance so we can’t use it yet.


53. Go to the back of the room and attach the gas hose to the Bunsen burner. Light the Bunsen burner to burn off the chemicals and take the lab key.



54. Go back to the room with the glass elevator. Pull the lever up and use the remote on the TV to see an ad with a phone number for SpyBuy, where you can order a USB stick. Write the number down, because it’s different each game and I can’t help you with it. Pull the lever back down.


55. Take the elevator back to floor -1 to Ruby’s hideout. Use the lab key to unlock the drawer in her desk. You’ll find tape and an invoice for Spy Buy with Ruby’s account number on it. This might change each game! For me it was 322847. Make note of yours and don’t forget the tape!



56. Go back to the glass elevator. Head upstairs to the office again. Time to order a USB stick! Zoom in on the phone and tap the little speaker icon. Then dial 555-9724, assuming it’s the same number each game. If not, use the number you were given. Press 3 to order Portable Hard Drive. Then enter the account number that was on the invoice.





57. The portable hard drive is delivered right away! You hear the doorbell ring. Go outside and check it out. Remember where the mailbox is from Chapter 1? Go get it.



58. Head back to the elevator and back to Ruby’s hideout. Insert the USB stick into her computer and download the information to it. Make sure to take it back!



59. Go back out into the backyard towards the fence again. Climb up the ladder and use the tape to fix the satellite dish.


60. Climb back down and take a look at the wooden box again. The satellite is online! Insert the portable hard drive. Send the message for Agent B to hear. Step back a bit and watch the ending.


That’s all for now! Check back when Chapter 5 is released.

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59 thoughts on “Agent A: Chapter 4, A Narrow Escape: Walkthrough Guide

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I finished the game but a lot of games are releasing this week so I’m working on several walkthroughs at once. If you tell me where you’re stuck, I can help.

  1. Tim

    Can you tell me how I continue on the part where the door I opened with code 3 is jammed? I can’t seem to find anything

          1. Reb

            My phone doesn’t show a red dot when I click on it. All the dots are gray/black so I can even click on the speakerphone button.

              1. Reb

                When you see a scene there are all these dots showing you what is clickable. And one is highlighted in red which shows what you are currently on. Well when I click on the phone. All the keys on the phone have those black dots to show me what is clickable but none of them are highlighted red so that I can move around and choose one. I click and click but nothing happens. No red dot.

  2. Tim

    I still can’t seem to get any further, the door I opened with code 3 is still jammed and I can’t find that account number

  3. Thomas

    Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, but I can’t fill the bucket up at the shower, as the water is turned off.

  4. Sarah

    Where do I get the code for the phone to order the USB? I have the account number but don’t know the number I have to dial?

  5. Tim

    I was able to fill the bucket using the river / stream that is in Rubys office that you extend the bridge over. No need to use the shower or turn the water back on. You just click on the bucket and then the stream and it fills it up.

  6. glitternova

    Hi! Where can I find the other two keys (hearts and spades) for the little box and the last level 5 blueprint piece? Or is level five going to be activated when chapter 5 is available? Thanks for your help!

  7. Mark

    I seem to be stuck on trying to fill the bucket up, it keeps telling me the water is off. How do I turn the water on?! I cant seem to find it anywhere! Please help!

  8. Lydia

    Hello im at the end of the game but its telling me that the satilite is offline ive fixed it with the tape on the tower and the usb stick is in
    Im not sure what to do
    Any ideas


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