Adventure Escape Allied Spies: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 6:

You can watch my video for Chapter 6 here or continue on for my step-by-step guide:

1. Pick up the stone piece. We still need more for the sundial. Make note of the Roman numerals on the building up the mountain (V II X VI) and then head up the stairs.


2. Pick up four more stone pieces. Press V II X VI on the planter. Take the winch.




3. Go back down. Place the winch in the well and then take the bag, key and antenna that come out of it.


4. Go back up the stairs. Use the key to unlock the door and then take the Morse key. Continue inside.


5. Pick up four more stone pieces. Open the right windowsill to get the headphones. Notice the writing on the wall that says 1687. Enter that as the code in the suitcase to open it up. Tap the barrel/wine press until the purple bar fills up and you get a map with the landing zone marked on it.





6. Connect the Morse key, antenna, and headphones to the suitcase. You’re going to need to send a message! But first let’s go fix the sundial.


7. Go back to the sundial/compass. Place all nine pieces down and put them together. Add the bag. It’s pointing southeast, which meant the wind is coming from the northwest.


8. If you open the map over the compass, it looks like this, but I’m not sure if that’s intentional. In any case, look at the map and look at the landscape around you to figure out where the landing zone is. Pascal is looking out at it. The landing zone is near two lakes and a railroad. The sun is setting over the lakes, so they are to the west and the train tracks are to the north. That means you’re near Landing Zone 3, or LZ3.


9. Go back to the suitcase. We need to send a message in Morse code. First, look at the two papers on the inside. One is Morse code and the other tells you what numbers to enter for each part of the message.



10. You need to use Morse code to enter a 3-digit number. We want the Allies to pick up an asset, so the first number should be 5. The landing zone is LZ3, so the second number is 3. The direction of the wind is NW, so the third number is 8. Look at the Morse code and find those numbers. Tap the knob on the left lightly for a dot and hold it down longer for a dash. It should go:



11. We were betrayed! You need to shoot Nazis now. Like earlier, wait until the two orange rings align and tap on their heads. You need to defeat them all in one round. If you mess up, you start over.


12. Use the key to open the chest of medical supplies. Take the absorbant, bandage, disinfectant, and morphine.


13. Use the morphine on Ed, then the disinfectant, then the absorbant, and last the bandage.

14. A tank shoots the place, revealing a trap door. Tap the wine press quickly to move it aside.


15. Tap on the trap door and solve the sliding tile puzzle to unlock it. That’s the end of Chapter 6!



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48 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Allied Spies: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Linda

    I wanted to say thank you again! When I went to download this game, I discovered Adventure Escape: Murder Inn – I don’t know when it came out, but I missed it too!

        1. Rachel Norris

          One of the horses needs to look like it’s arching it’s back. I kept using the bits I thought went together but found it was wrong.

  2. Neen

    I can’t get the war puzzle to let me move on. I have all the soldiers in the right place as well as the flag. But it still won’t open the bottom drawer to give me the shield! I even restarted the level but still not showing that I have completed it. Anyone else have this problem?

  3. Tana

    Where is chapter 3 guide? We’re stuck trying to cover the panels… They’re covered but not recognized as such… 🙁

    1. Rachel Norris

      I had the same problem, I kept moving them around then it eventually gave it to me. Seem to remember that I had a tiny gap right in the middle of them.

  4. Linda

    Hey – I’m just glad to see AppUnwrapper back up and running! Take your time – we’ll all still be here.
    Happy New Year – may you not have WordPress problems in 2018.

  5. Rachel Norris

    I’m stuck at the guards fighting. Waiting for them to do an update as game just freezes up. Anyone got any recommendations for other games like this, I’ve played all the Haiku ones now.

  6. Maggie

    Page 6 what’s the system for shooting the Germans do I tap the gun or Target on the Germans nothing is happening

    1. Rachel Norris

      The numbers you need are in the wooden chest lid. Once you’ve put first one in treat it like a sum, so take away from the first number to get 2nd then add on to that for the 3rd.

      1. Deena Harris

        Thank you so much, I’m having a difficult time getting the dails to stay put. It keeps reverting back to the start!

    1. Rachel Norris

      If you look closely you will see letters start to appear when you line them up, that’s how I had to do it. I found this whole game really hard.

  7. Christy L Breazeal

    .It won’t shoot the guards! I wait for the rings to line up and tap on the guards head but I get shot and start again a million times. Help!

  8. Kelly firth

    Has anyone got the solution for chapter 8 where you get maria to ed when he’s locked up? I’ve been stuck on this for ages now! And it’s the only thing not detailed on this! Argh.. tia

  9. Liz

    I discovered these awesome games, then luckily discovered your site when I got stuck.
    I’ve now finished nine Adventure Escape games, and midway through my tenth. I love that you give hints without giving away the whole answer, and that I don’t have to watch a whole video to see what’s going on.
    Fantastic job! Thank you!
    p.s. How many Adventure Escape games are there now?

  10. Esther Wakeman

    How many guards do you have to shoot? Because I must have shot about 50 of them, and the scene is not moving on?


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