Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide (Murder Manor 2)

Chapter 8:

You can watch my video for Chapter 8 here or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Pick up the coat hanger, two country music records and three three tokens. Also, look at the painting of a dog. Also, move the rifle aside and tap on the body to get a key.




2. Use the coat hanger to get the third record. Use the key to unlock the drawer below the coffee table. Take the needle and thread.


3. Place the needle and thread in the record player to repair it. Add all three records. Now you can place a record on the turntable and use the arrows to play the tracks.


4. Remember the painting? There was a dog, truck and beer on it. So play each album, finding the tracks that refer to those things.

Volume 1, Track 3: “Sitting on the pitch with a beer in my hand…”

Volume 2, Track 4: “Ooh, my hound dog’s howlin’ at the moon tonight…”

Volume 3, Track 2: “Hop into my red truck, before we all get stuck…”




5. Now use those numbers to unlock the wall safe. Enter 342 and look at the two cigar boxes inside.





6. Tap on the little holes in the wall and add the tokens you found. Now, organize them according to the designs on the cigar boxes. The bird goes with the branch and the crown goes with the rose. It should look like this:


7. Go through the door. Find the key and three scraps of paper. Head through the door to the bathroom.


8. Drain the water in the bathtub to get rid of the bubbles. Grab another two scraps of paper. Also, pick up the bath oil and notice the bottle of Triple Bubble bubble bath. Notice there’s a 3 on it.


9. Use the baby oil on the rusty pipe under the sink to get a key. Use the key to open the bathroom mirror.


10. Take the glass tile and nail scissors from inside.


11. Go back to the bedroom. Use the scissors to open the box of chocolates. Notice there are six of them. Add the five scraps of paper to the papers on the bed. Put them together to get this message:


White Roses
Chocolates + Champagne
Candles + Bubble Bath
Our Favorite Song



12. Go back to Frank’s body. Use the key to unlock the cabinet under the record player. There’s a record in there called “Favorite Love Songs.” The second track is all worn out because it’s their favorite song!



13. Ok so let’s start putting the numbers together.

White Roses
Chocolates + Champagne
Candles + Bubble Bath
Our Favorite Song

Count the white roses in all the rooms. You get 1 (the record) + 2 (bedroom) + 6 (bathroom) = 9

6 chocolates + 1 bottle of champagne = 7

2 candles (bedroom) + 4 candles (bathroom) = 6 + 3 bubble bath = 9

Favorite song = 2

So the code for the locked chest in the bedroom is 9792. Open it to get another glass tile.



14. Go back to the bathroom. Add the tow glass tiles to the rest and rotate them so that when you overlap them, they’ll match the pattern at the top. If you need help, you can rotate them to look like the photo below and then drag them in the order I numbered them. Take the key.




15. Use the key to open the other door in the bedroom. Jay will be there. Talk to him and he’ll run off. That’s the end of Chapter 8!


Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 9 or click here.

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56 thoughts on “Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Walkthrough Guide (Murder Manor 2)

  1. Carol G

    The coin s have a mistake. One of the panda coins is missing the ag after the 1oz…so the actual answer should be 4 3 5…

    1. Tony

      It doesn’t work, but here’s what does…the first checker goes in the top left, two spaces down. The next checker goes over to the right and two spaces down. The next is second space down from the top. Fourth checker is at the very bottom. Fifth is at the very top. Sixth is one up from bottom. Seventh is four down from top. The last is three up from bottom. I hope i explained that right. That pattern actually follows the rules and worked for me.


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