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‘Vignettes’ Interview: Shifting Perspective

Vignettes By: Pol Clarissou and Armel Gibson Vignettes is advertised as a "toyish surprise-o-rama, which will make more sense once you start playing it. It's a playful toy combined with some puzzle elements that makes for a really unique experience. I got the game a little ahead of release and was just blown away. You can read my full review here. I also had some questions about it, so I thought it would be a good opportunity for an interview and the developers -- Pol Clarissou and Armel Gibson Read more [...]

Vignettes: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Vignettes By: Armel Gibson and Pol Clarissou This is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS game Vignettes by Armel Gibson and Pol Clarissou. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. See my Vignettes review here. See my interview with the Vignettes developers here. Need help with the new spooky content? Tips: Before watching my video for help, see if any of these tips help you. - Tap on the little dash at Read more [...]

‘Vignettes’ Walkthrough Guide: How to Find All Secrets

Vignettes By: Armel Gibson and Pol Clarissou This is a complete walkthrough guide to help you find all the hidden secrets in the iOS and Android game Vignettes. I assume at this point that you've found all objects in the game, so I don't have to tell you how to get to a certain one. If not, try this walkthrough first. I'm also including videos for the secrets. If you need more help than that, feel free to ask in the comments section. Once you have all the secrets, you can then make a phone Read more [...]

‘Vignettes’ Review: Much More Than Meets the Eye

Vignettes By: Armel Jestin (Pol Clarissou Armel Gibson) Vignettes, Pol Clarissou's and Armel Gibson's "toyish surprise-o-rama," is a game I'd been looking forward to for a long time, though I wasn't sure how much of a game it would be. I liked the idea of shapeshifting objects, but I've played other toy-like pieces of interactive art that didn't offer enough challenge to feel like a game. So I kept my expectations low. But I'm happy to say that Vignettes is very much a game and that I will fight Read more [...]