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My Week Unwrapped: July 23, 2017 – Color Magnet, Franz Kafka Videogame, Sidewords, Day of the Tentacle, The Lion’s Song and More

Hi everyone! It's been another long week with lots of games, so I'm here with My Week Unwrapped to tell you about them. There are also a lot of great sales this week, so don't forget to scroll all the way down for those so you catch them before the sales end! Sidewords If you're a fan of Typeshift, you'll want to grab Milkbag Games' Sidewords. It utilizes a simple idea to create not-so-simple puzzles. It's a word game for those who like a challenge. You can read my full review here. The Read more [...]

AppUnwrapper’s Best iOS Games of 2015

2015 was a big year for mobile. There were so many great games, especially in the adventure and puzzle genres. I couldn't possibly play through all of them, so there are likely some hits that I missed. But based on the ones I did play, these were my favorites. Other than Her Story, these aren't in any particular order. You can find my reviews by clicking on each game's title. It was also a big year for AppUnwrapper.com, as I started making YouTube videos alongside my reviews and walkthroughs. Read more [...]

AppUnwrapper’s April & May 2015 iOS Games Roundup

Back in March, I started something new on AppUnwrapper.com. I gave a roundup of all the best games I wrote about throughout the month. I was very busy in April and May, so April never got its own roundup. But fear not! It's back and with a double-whammy including both months. So, without further ado, I give you the April/May 2015 iOS games roundup. I will post the most notable games first. I spent a large chunk of my April playing Double Fine's Broken Age from beginning to end, as well as writing Read more [...]

Broken Age Act 2 Walkthrough Guide: Shay & Vella Final Puzzles (Ending)

Broken Age ™ By: Double Fine Productions, Inc. This step-by-step walkthrough guide will take you through the final puzzles alternating between Shay and Vella. It's assumed that you've completed everything else in each of their stories. If you haven't, try my complete walkthrough guide to get you there. See my other Broken Age guides here. Shay and Vella (final puzzles): 1. Switch to Shay. Use the clue from the family photo that Vella saw in the central control room to figure out how to rewire Read more [...]

Broken Age Act 2 Walkthrough Guide: Vella Escaping Control Room Using Control Sphere and Safety Hexipal (Hexi-gal) Bot

Broken Age ™ By: Double Fine Productions, Inc. This is part of my complete step-by-step Broken Age Act 2 walkthrough. This guide will help you escape the control room using the control sphere and the safety Hexipal (Hexi-gal) bot. See my step-by-step Broken Age Act 2 walkthrough. See my other Broken Age guides. You can watch my video or follow the instructions below. Using the control sphere from the control room, go right and keep going until you get to the Starboard Passageway. The Read more [...]