Cryptic Caverns: Walkthrough

Cryptic Caverns
By: 3D Methods



1. Take the rope and tie it to the tree. Then step off the boat onto land.

2. Take the left path and go inside the ship. Take the crate, which has gold in it.

3. Go up the ladder, then up the stairs. Take another crate which has good in it. Then leave the ship.

4. Tap to the left of the ship to find yourself in front of a small building. Tap the crate next to it to get more cold coins. Enter the building and take the painting off the wall. Take another crate of the top of the bar. Also open the back door.

5. Go back to the first screen with the torch.

6. Take the right path this time. Tap on the building and take another crate from the porch.

7. Open the door and enter to talk to the Withered old man. Find out everything he knows and get the Sanctuary Key from him. Trade the painting for the Captain’s Key.

8. While you’re there, look at the sculpture on the wall and read the book on the bookshelf:



9. Go back to the screen with the torch. Tap left, tap left, tap left. Zoom in on the axe. Notice the green eye by the axe. Look at the book and focus on the green letters. Select them like so, and the green eye will glow. Take the axe:


10. Tap the windmill to see the cavern opening. Then go back to the ship and use the Captain’s Key to unlock the door to the cabin. Go inside take the ruby figurine. Read the book next to it. Also, examine the sculpture on the wall.

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129 thoughts on “Cryptic Caverns: Walkthrough

  1. Kybele

    I am at the elevator. I have placed the bone in position. But the belt, that I earlier retrieved, has disappeared from my list of items. Totally gone and it is nowhere to be found again. What should I do? I have read here about other items gone missing. How did you find them again?

  2. Dani

    Looks like im giving up on this one, bugger. I reached the pillars with the dial and red lights but cannot turn the lights on the 4 pillars. Got the three lights to go on. Hmm Too tricky or me even tried everyones comments, no luck

  3. mhairi

    how do i wash the grime covered object with water? iv been back to where i found the rope but cant see any water there to wash it with

  4. K W

    I got it and I will try to explain it so it makes sense. The three pillars you use over if you need to. For example, to light up the left front pillar of the four pillars do this; Notice there are two red circles with the blue lines sticking out each side. That is what you need to make the circle look like on the other screen with the three pillars. So, hit the lever to refresh the contraption as you have to do each one at a time. Go to the right most pillar. Notice when the blue line is sticking out the left side, the other part shows the yellow/white line sticking out the bottom. So to get the middle circle to show the blue line, you move the yellow /white line to the same location as shown on that front right pillar. Then go back and hit the button. The red light lights up. Then touch the pillar and the circles change showing the blue line coming out the right side. Notice the yellow/white line is now coming down. Back out to the big circle where you should now see a blue line on the left matching the front right pillar and half of the front left pillar on the tower screen. Put the yellow/whit line in the spot it shows on that front right pillar and go back and hit the button. The light turns red. Now it is red on both faces when you transition back and forth. Now back out and look at the big circle, you made a blue line in the 3 and 9 o’clock positions to match the front left pillar on the next screen with the tower. Go there, hit that button and it turns red. There you go. You do this separately for each. So now look at one of the other pillars, note where the blue lines are. Go back to the three pillar screen, reset it by hitting the lever. Find the pillar that the blue line matches one of the blue lines on the pillar you chose, place the yellow/white line where it shows on the pillar with the blue line you are matching. It will now light up that one line. Not all are on one pillar. You have to look at the other pillars. Find the one with the other blue line you need, match the yellow/white line on the big circle and go back and hit the button. The light should turn red. Now back up and look at the big circle, there should be two blue lines to match the whatever pillar you chose from the other screen, the tower screen. The three pillars are simply used to match one blue line at a time using the yellow/white line to do so. Still sounds confusing but you’ll get it, play with that and keep reading what I wrote. Remember to reset the switch after each pillar on the tower screen is activated. You are simply making the big circle match the pillar from the tower screen then activating that tower… I’m in the tower now.

    1. Hal

      i got it, the 3 pillars is connected with the 4 pillars, to open the tower, you have to activate the 4 pillars using the 3 pillars, one by one, you have to focus the yellow light of 3 pilars, the blue light is will reveal one you pres the button of the pillar, with exact location

    2. Yarnsrj

      I’ve spent hours trying to figure these 4 pillars. Pulling out hair and getting ready to uninstall this game Until I saw your post. Thank you for making “Pillars for Dummies” so easy to understand.

  5. Gitan

    I,ve reached 18 in the lighthouse, but I can´t get the Topaz free. Have changed the gems as the picture shows, but nothing happens. Help!

  6. Andy

    Once you have entered the tower, look in the barrel and get the amulet. look at the cogs and use bone and belt on broken cog.

    return to the other building with the statue of the woman and place amulet on her.

    This activates levers behind her. The centre symbol is now lit. press it to change the shape (they correspond with the large stones in the church. select a shape and press the lever that is in the direction you wish the large stone to move.

    spider shape left, man with arms raised top and nose right. Go back to church and you can see alter has opened revealing goggles.

    Go back to the building behind church and use goggles on platform at base of cogs you repaired.

    I will let you work out the reat, but be prepared for a somewhat disappointing ending 🙁

  7. KA

    Hi, can’t get middle door open. I opened door
    On the right and then the left. Matched the
    Symbols on the door and pillars but the middle
    Door still won’t open. Can someone please explain what I have done wrong

  8. lins

    Stuck on pillar problem 55
    if I understand, I need to use the 3 pillars with the yellow and blue lines, show each configuration of blue lines in the 4 pillars by the tower.
    I am able to make with 3 pillar yellow + blue lines :-
    inner 12 o’clock
    inner 1 o’clock
    outer 3 o’clock
    using these blue lines I have been able to makethe pillar for inner 12 and inner 1 o’clock but can’t see how to make
    inner 3 and outer 9
    outer 3 and outer 9
    inner 12 and outer 1
    Am I not understanding the puzzle or are there ways of getting different blue lines

  9. Hoakie

    I can’t for the life of me get the middle door open in the room with 3 pillars and 3 doors. I followed everything you guys said and still nothing. Please help me.

  10. Riri

    yey! got the sanctuary key! just need to tap one of your ‘figurines’ in your inventory then tap the withered man.. like merely ‘showing’ him the item..:)

  11. Charlotte

    #31 – I we t back to the rope but I can’t find the water to wash the grime covered object? Or water to go underwater?

  12. Charlotte

    Ok I found the “water” it is the grey stuff almost looks like a creek. Click on the the grey stuff and the bird gets cleaned.

  13. jumbo cortez

    yes.. i did it.. . just a little bit common sense and thinking skills… .. in the end .. i found the vault with gold bars.. and skeleton of a ancient structure of homo sapience .. .. to those can’t go through 4 pillars here are some tips..i can give .. the 4 pillars with red lamp on tap.. and in front of the tower.. . u must follow the blue light’s were it in..or out.. the symbol..but by doing that in 3 pillars.. with the lever you put in.. 1 by 1.. u must make the blue lights.. the same as to the symbol in 4 pillars.. in the tower but every one you light up u must reset the pillars by tapping down and up the lever and proceed to the nest blue symbol on the 4 pillars on front of the tower 1 by 1. .. thanks and hope this may help you better ..this game is not sucks.. of what is it.. just try to think and analyze the symbols .. thank you..

  14. Pelaupow

    I figured out the 4 pillars pretty okay, but have been stuck on the cathedral slabs for some time. For the life of me I cannot make the levers move in the direction the slabs should go. The move only up and down! Anybody have any tips on hoe you passed this puzzle?

  15. Rebecca

    I’ve got all the pillars activated except the one on the far left. I can’t get that one to work? Could anyone exlain that one in very simple terms (for a simple mind) ? 🙁 Thanks.


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