Escape Game: “Year Old Promise”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Year Old Promise”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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114 thoughts on “Escape Game: “Year Old Promise”: Walkthrough

  1. omayra

    I’m stuck I have the keys 6, 5, 8, the bottle of orange the mug I can’t open the orange cabinet the password 8398 doesn’t open it I did all the other things

  2. maria

    Use the spoon key under the sink (the spoon key is in the staff room, just tap in the top of the door and you will find it) then you will find the white 5 key. go to the napkins near the staff room and take the code: 6×2-10… now for the keys you ve got the following numbers :6=2, 8=2, 3=5, 5=4. then go to the staff room ender the keys like the numbers on the calculator (2 is on the middle bottom).

  3. Audie0629

    I’ve gotten pretty far on my own, but since I’ve not been able to get into the staff room, I came here to find out why. I’ve read all the comments so far and my only question now is where do I find the eraser?

    1. Kandace

      To get the eraser go to the part of the room with the coffee tables. There is a shelf on the wall. There are two boxes…one takes numbers the other takes a key. The eraser is in the box that takes numbers…good luck!

  4. Erie Chae

    How do I open the big box? So I have this 4 numbered keys but idk how to use it. It won’t work. What’s the combination? I found a clue on the paper attached on the table’s tissue case but idk how please help me. 🙁


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