Infinity Blade III (3) Treasure Maps Guide, Help and Walkthrough

Infinity Blade III (3) Treasure Map Guide, Help and Walkthrough
By: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC


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Here you’ll be able to find the locations for the treasure maps in Infinity Blade 3. It’s a work in progress, so bear with me. I’ll also add other hints and tips that seem useful. Feel free to help out in the comments section.

***Note about Ausar Rising update 1.2: I see that one of my maps says “FOUND” on it, while the rest don’t. This may mean that you can reuse the treasure maps and get the treasures more than once. Try it out and let us know if you have any luck!***

1. The Map of Life

Looted from a Medium Chest in Act 1.
Find with Siris.



The map is depicting one of the paintings in Act 1, right after you get the map. Tap the pulsating circle to get close to it and you’ll have a perfect view of the painting. All I got was a lousy Steel Hatchet, but early on in the game I guess it’s useful.



2. The Plate Map

Purchase with 100 Battle Chips.
Find with Siris.



The location is in Act 3, the Pit. I found it by tapping randomly on the right side at the entrance to the Pit/arena, right before battling the next enemy (the gem cutter is sitting at a table here). I don’t see anything that looks like the drawing on the map, but that’s where it is. I got the Tangle as the treasure. **Update: Inside the arena itself, all the way to the right (behind Siris) I can see the object that looks like the map drawing. It’s possible I got it through the wall or something. But that looks like the right location.




3. Map of the Forgotten

Purchase with 150 Battle Chips.
Find with Isa.



The location is in Act 3 “The Broken Tower.” Before Isa enters the tower, there are two statues, one on each side of it, who are holding spears. Click the tip of the right spear and you should get the “Khill.”




4. Kuero’s Cache Map

Purchase with 225 Battle Chips.
Find with Isa.



In Act 4, Isa meets the Gem Cutter and recruits him. In that room, before you talk to him, notice the two stands on either side of the doorway. Tap the right one and you’ll get a Phage.




5. The Root Map

Purchase with 350 Battle Chips.
Find with Isa.



The location is in Act 3, the Broken Tower, where Isa fights the four-headed mutant. The tree engraving is directly beneath her feet. The treasure is a Paga Ring.




6. Soiled Map

Purchase with 450 Battle Chips.
Find with Isa (possibly also Siris)



The location is in the Seccian Desert. It’s the same place as the Interlude, so you should be able to get it at any point, really. I got it with both Isa and Siris. The treasure for both characters is a Turquoise Band.




7. Ancient Map

Purchase with 600 Battle Chips.
Find with Siris.



The ancient map marks a panel in the 5th Chapter. After you beat the last enemy in the first room of the Worker’s tower, you’ll get access to the chest. While you’re opening the chest (this is important), you’ll be able to see the panel to the left of it on the back wall. It’s really tiny and easy to miss. Tap it. I got a Rare Prize Wheel. You might be able to get the treasure when you first enter the room. Look in that spot. I can’t check myself now that I already got the treasure.

Also, keep in mind that a Rare Prize Wheel costs the same as the map. So you might not want to spend those Battle Chips until you know you can spare them.


8. Map of Ash and Sorrow
From the Dragon.

Damage the dragon until it has only 500 hit points left (no matter what, she will have some HP left and fly away). When you next go to the Hideout, there will be a location on the map to go to Larioth and kill the dragon before it heals. The dragon will be sleeping when you get there. Fight the dragon, kill it and you get the map. Afterwards you have to go to the Vault of Tears (in a new play through if you already passed it), and kill the first 3 enemies. Enter the courtyard area where the statue is (of a guy fighting a dragon). Tap on the statue and you get a +500 Rare Fire gem.










9. The e-book “Infinity Blade: Redemption” shows a map at the end. You don’t actually need the map for this. Just go to the hideout and tap the animal head above you. You’ll get a +100 Attack Stat Potion.
***Note: You can only get the potion, it seems, when the merchant ship is there. It won’t work otherwise. Also, you need to have room in your potion bag or you’ll get that “full” sound and you won’t get the potion. However, if you try enough times, you may just get a bag of gold instead (that’s what happened to me).***


***New Maps added for Blade Masters update!***

10. Hearth Map

Purchase with 500 BC.
Find with Isa, in Drem’s Maw, while standing facing the third Titan, before attacking.
Reward: The Still Blade





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104 thoughts on “Infinity Blade III (3) Treasure Maps Guide, Help and Walkthrough

  1. Claude

    I have usd the 2 butterflies 2 blue berries three times and got 3 rare treasure gems
    Is it possible to forge them together and if u can, wat do u get.

    1. TOPeX

      You’ll get a SINGLE rare treasure gem. In other words, u lose if you combine 3 rare treasure gems… talk about punishment for being greedy!!

      source: tried & tested it myself.

  2. Florian Vereecken

    Hey guys,

    It’s about the new upgrade. I am wondering, is it possible to create a rainbow gem or not? If yes, how do you do that? Same for the rainbow attack gem. Because I’m facing the Worker of Secrets Lv. 2150 and I’m Lv. 86 and I can’t defeat him because he’s got rainbow attack gem and rainbow defence gem.

    Thanks a lot

  3. ABT

    When i finaly fight the dragon and it has like 247 life reminding it dont take any more damage then it throw me of and i die. I dont know if it is a glitch or somthing else. What should i do?

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          If she doesn’t show up at Larioth for you to kill her, you should be able to encounter her again. I’ve only had that defeated message happen once (my swipe wasn’t registering) and I’m not sure if the damage done during that battle counted.

  4. sirisa

    you dont have to be on the act to get the treasure just go to where the area would be like the first one just do the tresure mission there and you can still get the treasure. do i have to have the map to get the treasure?

  5. Will

    I played infinity blade 3 and if you buy the prize wheel map you click the side of the tower at the entrance scene for Isa and you get one then when your opening the chest you click and you get the second.

  6. Lancuch

    Hi. I bought obscure map clicked on statue, didnt get darkfire map and now my obscure map have FOUND status. Any help? Plox

  7. Jason

    Could the cheaters of infinity blade 3 make it lag less. Because I can’t even get in my infinity blade 3.

  8. SmittyWerben

    For those that don’t know how to get the Fire and Ice mission to show up, you have to kill BOTH (it might be 3…I can’t remember) dragons and then you will get the Fire and Ice mission to show up. Also, tip, you don’t actually fight the dragon there, because if you awaken it, it will kill you. And then you can’t go back until you defeat it.

  9. kin

    HI appunwrapper.May i know how i can get the origin suit? opened the chest under the stairs but get a random treasure instead.

      1. kin

        thanks. got it. A question though. After finding varun and ending him, it is still shown in your maps that nothing is found yet. but other maps show found. Is there something that we are missing? Perhaps we need to equip the blade and axe of heaven?

  10. mish

    Hi There!

    Do you have any ideas why my map of heaven is not marked as “foud”? Although I made this part both with Isa and Siris and got the origin.

    Thanks for the help!

    – m


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