Infinity Blade III (3) Ausar Rising Guide

Infinity Blade III (3)
By: Chair Entertainment


This is a guide where you’ll be able to find helpful hints, tips, cheats and solutions for the Ausar Rising expansion of Infinity Blade 3. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

***New! If you got the +1000 Darkfire gem from the new Dragon, Pisci, you can fuse it with two capped +400 elemental gems or +750 indoor/outdoor gems to get +1500 Darkfire! Keep fusing to get +500 each time. You don’t need extra Darkfire gems!


***Two trials just appeared on the map for the holidays, probably to make up for all the data wipes. They’re now open, so make sure you don’t miss them! One gives 50,000 Battle Chips for only four parries and the other give 15,000,000 gold for only four blocks! Go get your Christmas presents!


20131221-104209.jpg ***

*Warning: A lot of people are reporting lost data after updating the game, so update at your own risk!*

– Fuse any three elemental defense gems to get a 5% Rare Defense gem (Rainbow Defense)! Then fuse three 5% RareDefense gems to get a 10% All Defense gem, 3 x 10% = 25%, 3 x 25% = 50%, and finally — 3 x 50% = 100% Rare a Defense gem (keep in mind, it only does 90% against Elemental (Rainbow Attack) titans.

The Original Infinity Blade:
To get the original Infinity Blade from IN1 & IB2, you need to have all six new infinity weapons (get the Infinity Edge from the store). Then go to the Seccian Desert with either Isa or Siris. Head towards the back to the vault. When you tap on the vault, a Titan will attack. Defeat him and go into the vault to get the original Infinity Blade, and thrust it triumphantly into the air like a Thundercat. You only need to find it once and you’ll get the Blade for both Siris and Isa.









The New Dragon, Pisci:
You first encounter Pisci at the Dark Citadel with Siris. But she also appears randomly like the original dragon. She starts with 500,000 HP and you’ll get a +1000 Darkfire gem when you defeat her.
She does hit harder than the original dragon, though. Longer battles also get very laggy, and I even got a glitch that gave me no choice but to force-quit and forfeit the battle. I had 2 Dragon Stays Longer gems equipped, and I recommend not doing so. The dragon shows up fairly often for me, so I think you’re better off with a short battle in which she flies off, than risking a long battle in which you may die or glitch. Also, keep in mind that Pisci has elemental defense (Rainbow Defense), so don’t bother with elemental attack gems.





Gem Master:
I highly recommend you get Isa’s skill, “Gem Master” for 250 Attack. You get much better gems from the results. For instance, I gave three Bright Attack gems around +100 each to the cutter and got a +400 capped gem! This would have had much weaker results in version 1.1.

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243 thoughts on “Infinity Blade III (3) Ausar Rising Guide

  1. Toogreys

    Its been awhile since I have tried so not sure it still works. I would wait until i get back to the hideout and the as soon as the cross weapons showed up I would go into setting and change characters to the main character. Once I get back to the hide out I would go in and check my amounts to see if they changed. If not then I would click out of the game, clear memomery and them come back in and check amounts again. Either it worked or it didn’t. I only deleated and cleared from memory the new character just before I attemped the process again. Hope it helps. Let us know if it still works!

  2. Toogreys

    Just ran thru the glitch process I explained previously 3 times. First two times nothing. Third time only 35 BC’s. As mentioned else where here I believe this has to do with the clash mobs and which ones you have won. The last one I joined I think I won 35 BC’s. So I think the key is to win a large pot of gold and/or BC’s in a Mob Clash and thne employ the glitch

  3. Pruthweish

    The quest where u get to battle nimmoch and when will we get to face the soulless ausar the vile?

  4. Michael

    I just got a glitch were I I did a deathless quest with is a and lost but when I went to the hideout and I had to by everything I had equipped on my siris and my isa any help for fix?

  5. Tom

    I am trying to get the original infinity sword. What are the 6 new infinity weapons and how do I gather them? I only count 4 plus the one I have to buy. That is 5, so what is the sixth?

    Thanks! And I hav learned some great tips from you guys so thanks!


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